2020年東京五輪で新種目となるスケートボード、サーフィンからいち早く有力選手が参加。サーフィンからは大原 洋人さん、他にもスケートボードの中田海斗さん、スノーボード中井 孝治さんや、BMX、スキーなど、楽曲のテーマでもある「音楽でつながろう」という田口の呼びかけに答えたアスリート達が集結。田口もそれにCDには収録されないダンスパートを追加したオリジナルダンスで答えており、音楽の可能性と未来の日本のポップカルチャーを感じることのできる内容となっている。

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- Junnosuke Taguchi BIOGRAPHY-
Taguchi was born on November 29th, 1985.
He began his career in the show business from 1999.
Associating with rock, pop, and various genres of music through his teens and twenties, he established his style of performance by adopting dance and acrobatics, utilizing his tall physiques.
As an actor, he worked in television and theatre. By playing the roles, making full use of his innate cheerful personality, he demonstrated his high ability as a supporting actor.
In 2014, he performed his first title role in theatre.
Reaching his thirtieth year, he makes a new start as a solo artist. Centering on his essential music, he displays his artistic expression more vividly accompanying with the beat of era.

His first major single "Connect” was released on April 2017.

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